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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Progress ... always progress is being made by some of us

It's hard to believe that it's been a month since the last blog entry.  Let me see if I can catch everyone up on what's been going on.  If I miss something, feel free to add to this or let me know and I'll let everyone know.

First (and foremost), Lubbock Model Railroad Association hosted the NMRA's Lone Star Region annual conference here in Lubbock at the Holiday Inn.  All of us SouthWest Trakers were heavily involved.  Darrell manned the "Company Store", selling decals, calendars, books, and other LSR conference memorabilia 

Jay kept close eye on the registration check-in table and ran errands as needed.  Frankie helped out where ever she was needed at the time, usually the check-in table or the raffle table. Bob spent the entire four days manning the contest room.  BJ was registrar and main check-in guy.  By Friday, we had turned into a help desk and general information table.

We all had a great time hanging out and visiting and getting to know each other even better than we did before.  Lunches were a good time of fellowship.

Joe?  Well, he had duties in Dallas during the days of the conference,  but he spent plenty of  time prior to the conference scheduling clinics.  His wide corners are  coming together in a very impressive fashion.  they've been in progress for a while, but will be available for display soon.  I guess  these will bring our inventory of showable modules up close to  60.  He has also been busy reorganizing his shop space lately.

Speaking of clinics, I manage to break away from the registration desk to take in a couple of clinics.  We all got to attend a few clinics.

Beyond the LSR clinic we have all been busy.  I have spend several weeks building storage and transport Payne Boxes for the 12 modules I currently have under construction.  Whew, that was a chore.  The shop is a mess, but now I can get on with actual modeling.  Darrell has developed a method to create stucco walls as part of his "Scratch Building on a Budget" series.  Speaking of scratch building, did I  mention that our very own Darrell won a first place blue ribbon in the LSR contest for his Alamo module.

Frankie has completed her first T-Trak module.  It looks great and we'll try to get some photos soon.

Jay, well, Jay need over 100 turnouts for his planned home layout, so he's been busy learning how to scratch build his own.  He gets better with each one he builds.  They are really looking good.

Our next show will be at the Wolfforth Library the third week of August.  More details will be posted  here as they become known.