Welcome to SouthwestTrakers blog. We are dedicated to sharing N-Scale model railroading through the use of T-Trak modules. We are in Lubbock, Texas, USA and currently number 7 modelers, well over 50 presentable modules, with over 24 modules cut out and in some stage of becoming presentable.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Another look at the micro layout

Here's a link to a Youtube video of the first test-run on the micro: First Run
For a time of slowing down for the winter, it's getting busy.  We have an added show on Jan. 3-4 at the Museum of Texas Tech University.  We are participating in the "First Friday Arts Trail" in Lubbock, TX.

This is the second time for us to be a part of the Trail, and we want to put our best efforst forward to promote the hobby and attract potential new members.  More on the layout later, it's still in the planning stages.  I need to get to the shop and lay track on two new modules, as well as a Christmas gift layout for some friends at church, as well as - - - .  It just never ends!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

A "Micro" bit of an update

I've gotten a little more done on the micro. There are many, many detail items to be added, trees, shrubs, bushes, figures, the list goes on.  Here's a picture from each corner:

The power wire dongle seen in the first two pictures is a standard Tomix power feeder.  I'll need to make an adaptor to the Kato connectors on my throttles.  That's a piece of cake, but a subject for another time.  

Close ball game on, so that's it for now.