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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top Adjusting modules - how to conceal the hole in the top of the module

I've been building N-Scale TTrak modules with top adjusting legs, by drilling an access hole through the top of the module, and then using 2 inch set screws rather than hex head machine screws.  This works great, except that you have this hole in the top of your module.

I recently created a new module with 8 adjusting legs (yes, it's a rather large end loop).

Here is a before and an after photo showing how I chose to conceal the holes.

You can see the 21/64" hole and the tree stump attached to a 5/16" dowel that's about 3/8" in length.  I attached the stump to the dowel with thick AC adhesive.

Here is the scene with the plug in place.  You'd never know there was anything there.