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Friday, September 26, 2014

My shop on 9/23/2014

I decided to take a few photos of my shop weekly just to track my projects and progress (if any) I'm making on them.

I have three projects going on right now.

Project one: restoration and upgrading Jay Morrow's module 

Jay Morrow's module
I received this module from my deceased friend's estate.  It needs some work to make it show-able. The electrical is really in pretty good shape.  I've added some Kato pigtails to the barrier strips, and friend Joe and I confirmed that the streetlights work.  They're grain-of-wheat bulbs, and Jay had the circuit completely wired with power pole connectors. Sweet.

The track needs a little work. I need to anchor it down in a few spots and clean up some soldered leads.

While I have it on the bench I decided to convert the adjusting legs to the top-adjusting variety.  I'll clean up the dust and repair some fences, cars and streetlights, and then spruce up scenery a bit.

Project two: rolling stock maintenance and inventory.

Next ongoing project is to inventory my rolling stock and do some maintenance as needed.  Mostly I'm checking each car's weight and making sure it rolls freely. I have an inclined test track.  I remove the wheels and make sure the pockets on the truck frames are free of gunk, and liberally add graphite before re-inserting the wheels.  Some times I have to add new Mirco Trains trucks, and sometimes just new wheels.  Most of the cars are very light according to NMRA standards, so when it's practicable, I'm adding fishing weights.
Workbench showing my car maintenance area.
Current box of cars and my scale.
My supply of extra trucks and wheels.

Project three: upgrading the Amish Farm junction

My third project is a much needed upgrade to the Amish Farm junction.  Right now I'm working on a grade crossing across the two tracks and the stream between them, to connect the houses with the barns.  Plans are to add people, farm animals, wagons, carriages.  And of course, I'll add to the scenery, especially around the trestle.  There is still some bare plaster showing and the run-off stream from the pond dam needs to be added.

Amish Farm junction
There is always lots going on ...