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Friday, October 3, 2014

My workbench has been evicted to make room for a home layout (Yea! At last!) so, no workbench picture.  However, at the end there's a link to a short video of the new layout. 

The layout of made of double-deep TTrak modules, covering both sides of the usual table.  It's a conventional double-track loop, with a couple of small deviations.  First, a wye connection is made on the inner loop, crossing both loops on the other side and being available for expansion.  Yes, I've done an expansion connection on another module. So, that's a real probability.  It could be an industrial park, or perhaps a flavor of something like FreeMo-N.  Exactly what remains for the foggy, foggy future.

The other deviation is an inner loop of Tomix Wide Tram track, and is featured on the video.  The whole layout is to be a town, so the tram track is fitting.  The trams to be used are not the modern Tomix light rail unit shown but something more 1930-ish from Kato, the 14-070 Hiroshima Hannover Tram units. The design dates from the late 1920's.  Live overhead, we'll see, and maybe DCC in there, too. Looong term dreams.

There are going to be some tight spaces for structures, so I'm making paper mockups of them to test the fit.  Hopefully, nothing too drastic.