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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Home Layout Becomes two levels

The upper level for my home T-Trak layout is becoming a reality.  Over last few days, I have cleaned off the existing shelf, removed the lighting and facia, removed the wire shelving, lowered the brackets 6 inches and mounted the plywood.  Below are some progress photos.

Facia, lights and wire shelves have been removed.
The sky boards are just laying forward protecting the modules beneath them.
I had to purchase a couple more shelf standards in order to lower the brackets.
In order to mount the plywood securely to the shop walls, I mounted 2 x 2 's
to the wall, using the level to make sure they were at the same height as the
shelf brackets.  I then screwed the plywood down to the 2 x 2 's from the top.
After both pieces were secured to the wall, I added a plywood splice to
reinforce and level the joint.  After clamping in place, I used eight 2" flat head
screws to make an absolutely solid joint.
The result is two 16-foot shelves.  I still have to add facia and lighting and sky boards.  Stay tuned for a future blog post.  These photos show the final result of tonight's work.

Next up, facia and lighting.